Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What’s in a (cow’s) face?

Cargill Inc. is investing in an Irish venture that uses facial recognition software for dairy farming.

Cargill has taken a minority stake in Cainthus, which harnesses machine-learning and imaging techniques to identify cows and glean information on everything from their behavior to appetite, David Hunt, president and co-founder of Cainthus, said in a telephone interview with the Bloomberg news agency.

The new partners did not divulge any of the financial details.

They have also not explained how this high-tech approach is better than transponders currently work to identify cattle for feeding and robotic milking.

Cianthus also uses drones and image-capturing technologies for precision crop farming.

Hunt has also talked about cutting nitrogen use in half by applying it close to plants and only as needed. He said a lot is wasted in broadcast application because some feeds weeds and some is leached away.