Monday, January 29, 2018

Glutamine helps pigs

L-glutamine helps pigs fight off diseases in addition to its known benefits as a growth promotant, says a team of U.S. federal agriculture department scientists.

They fed some pigs rations that included antibiotics which are known to curb diseases and increase growth rates and found that pigs fed a supplement of L-glutamine performed equally well.

A third group fed neither antibiotics nor L-glutamine did not perform as well.

Throughout the 14-day dietary treatment phase, feed intake was greater overall in pigs fed glutamine compared to either of the other groups, while pigs fed antibiotics performed better than those given neither supplement.

Body weights for the glutamine and antibiotic groups were similar, with both being heavier than those in the non-supplement groups, reports the team which works in the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Research Service.

The results were recently published in the Journal of Animal Science.

Note the next story about the activists' push to ban many antibiotics from use by livestock farmers.