Sunday, December 25, 2011


I am getting a little long in the tooth, so please be patient with my Christmas memories - as a child on a farm near Petersburg where my Dad was an outstanding breeder of Yorkshire pigs and Holstein cattle.

I recall that at Christmas, we made sure all of the stalls were extra clean, there was extra bedding and the hay was the best second-cut crop in the mow.

I also recall that my school-teacher Mom knew how to build excitement and anticipation. Presents under the tree had to wait to be opened. First came barn chores, then a special breakfast, then a thorough cleanup that dragged on for ages and ages. And finally the family would gather by the tree to open presents.

My parents also emphasized why we celebrate Christmas.  My understanding and attitudes have matured and transformed a number of times since then. I am thankful for the peace and contentment God has granted- truly a rich blessing.

I pray that you, too, may discover who God is, your situation in relation to Him, and humble yourself to accept His Christmas gift.

And may you be blessed with peace and contentment throughout the New Year. May it be the best you have ever experienced, and the least of many more to follow!