Saturday, February 15, 2014

Boulder, Colorado

My wife and I are in Boulder, Colorado, for a couple of weeks, volunteering with an agency that seeks to help people who were devastated by raging floods Sept. 11-13 last year.

What astounded me was the farming couple that told how the flood filled their fields with boulders, some the size of cars, and about two feet of dirt and silt.

Their hay barn was flattened.

Their home was badly damaged and flooded.

It will cost them tens of thousands of dollars to hire heavy equipment to clear the boulders from their fields.

It's something we in Ontario find hard to imagine.

All it took was three days of what they call heavy rains, but would probably seem normal in Ontario. All of that water came off the mountains, funnelled into gullies and tore away rocks, trees, homes, bridges, culverts, etc., and dumped them into the plains.

It has taken months of emergency effort to rebuild bridges and roads, many of them temporary, so people could return to their properties to survey the damage.

Many were rescued by helicopter and didn't get back for several months.

There is no crop insurance for this. 

Boulder, Colorado, indeed!