Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CFIA names Grand Valley re. PED virus

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a statement confirming that blood plasma Grand Valley Fortifiers bought from a supplier in the United States has tested positive for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus and it could cause the disease.

The CFIA is conducting further testing, but Grand Valley has already  recalled all the nursery-pig rations it sold since Jan. 1.

The feed angle may explain why there have been so many recent outbreaks across a wide geographic area of Ontario where there was unlikely to have been direct livestock-trucking or human contact between the farms.

There has also been one case reported recently in Prince Edward Island.

Landmark Feeds, owned by Nutreco, said it is taking greater precautions with nursery-pig rations and will not be using spray-dried blood plasma gathered from hog-packing plants. There has  been one PEDv case in Manitoba.

Nutreco also owns Shur Gain which in Eastern Canada.

The CFIA said it is “working closely with Grand Valley Fortifiers to confirm the effectiveness of the recall, and is closely examining company records to see where potentially affected product was distributed.

“The CFIA is also reviewing records of other imports of swine plasma and will work with the Council of Chief Veterinary Officers and the pork industry in Canada to proactively manage the possible risk of transmission through feed,” the statement on the CFIA website says.

“As the investigation continues, additional actions such as recalls may be necessary to minimize the potential that feed could contribute to the transmission of this disease in Canada.”