Monday, February 17, 2014

PEDv may be in nursery rations

Suspicion is increasing that Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus may be spreading via nursery pig rations.

Nutreco, which markets under the Shur Gain brand across Eastern Canada and Landmark in Manitoba, says it is tightening its ingredients as a result of the suspicions raised by a veterinarian at Kansas State University.

Grand Valley Fortifiers of Cambridge announced a day earlier that It is cutting blood plasma gathered from hog-slaughter plants from its nursery pig rations.

In an advisory to its clients, it suggested they might want to scrap any of those rations bought since Jan. 1.

Dr. Greg Douglas, Ontario’s chief veterinarian, has said that PEDv genetic material has been identified in nursery-pig rations in tests at the Animal Health Laboratory at Guelph.

But others note that finding genetic material is not as accurate as finding the actual virus.

Nutreco noted that 10 of the 16 farms with outbreaks in Ontario buy their feed from the same source.

That might explain why farms that are located far apart and seem to have no connections had outbreaks.

Now Prince Edward Island has had its first outbreak, also a situation where there is unlikely to be pig or livestock truck movements from infected farms.