Monday, March 9, 2015

Du Breton buys New Hampshire meat processor

Les Viandes Du Breton Inc. of Riviere de Loups, Quebec, is buying North Country Smokehouse of Claremont, New Hampshire.

North Country Smokehouse, a third-generation meat processor, has been working with Du Breton for 15 years.

“Over the last 15 years, the ties between our respective companies have grown steadily stronger,” said North Country Smokehouse owner Michael Satzow.

“We share the same values when it comes to quality workmanship, respect for our raw materials and a commitment to providing the best possible product to our customers.

‘This next step in our business cycle came very naturally, and we look forward to a new chapter in our history.”

Du Breton is well known in the Waterloo Region for buying organic-standard hogs from Old Order Mennonite farmers.

Both entities will continue operating out of their current facilities and Satzow will remain in charge of the North Country operations.

“Thanks to our reputation for quality and demand for our products we have grown significantly over the past several years, exceeding the capacity of our current facility,” Satzow explained.

“Despite this need to expand, however, it was also important to us to uphold our strong commitment to the Claremont area. After months of planning and preparation, we are pleased to announce that our team of 32 dedicated and experienced employees will now be driving operations at the plant in New Hampshire for and with Les Spécialités Prodal,” a company and brand name owned by Du Breton.

Satzow’s grandfather, Abraham Satzow, began selling smoked meats from a horse-drawn wooden cart in 1912. The company has since become known for its applewood bacon, which constitutes 80 percent of the business.

The company also produces sausages and other smoked meat and cheese products.  Its products are featured on five-star restaurant menus nationwide.