Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wind farm opponents face $340,000 bill

The four families that filed lawsuits against wind farms are facing court costs of $340,000.

The judge in the case awarded the companies costs and they submitted their lawyers’ bills and consulting fees to the judge.

Julian Falconer, lawyer for the families, said "It's not just a bar to justice, it's actually a terror tactic.
“This is not about money. The idea is to send a message: 'We will wipe you out if you challenge us'." Falconer said.

His bills are in addition to the $340,000; his billings have not been revealed.

Shawn Drennan, whose home is the closest to one of the 140 turbines K2 Wind wants to build near Goderich, is facing a bill of $240,000 to compensate the companies.

The other families are the Ryans, Dixons and Kroeplins.

They came together to fight three projects: the other two are Armow and St. Columban.

Usually the losers in these types of court cases can file an objection to the amount of court costs and have a review done.