Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Farmer fined for on-farm sheep slaughter

Anthony Scissons of Dunrobbin has been convicted to illegal slaughter of lambs at his farm.
The slaughter was done for celebration of Eid by Muslims in the community.

Justice of the Peace Brian Mackey ruled that Scissons could not use the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as his defence, but deferred his formal decision until March 11.

That’s when he was judged guilty of violating regulations of the Food Safety and Quality Act., including carrying on a licensed activity without holding a licence, failure to ensure pre-slaughter iinspection of food animal and approval for slaughter,  failure to ensure after-slaughter inspection and unlawful selling of a carcass. 

The court ordered Mr. Scissons to pay a total of $1,250. Two additional charges for selling the carcass of a food animal were stayed.