Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Farm & Food Care launches blog

Farm & Food Care is launching a blog to polish the image of Ontario’s farmers who fund the organization that deals with animal welfare and cropping issues.

“Each week, blog posts will tackle issues that matter, both to consumers and to Canadian farmers,” the organization says in a news release today.

“Along the way, readers may even be impressed by stories about some of the cool and funky things happening in agriculture today.

“The blog will provide a forum for anyone involved in Canadian agriculture - real experts on food and farming - to tell their stories. “Bloggers will also profile the stories of real Canadian farmers and others that work in food and farming. 

Bruce Christie, chairman of the Farm & Food Care Foundation, said the blog is designed to “sort fact from fiction, and will dish up the ‘Real Dirt’ on what it takes to produce safe food for Canadians.”

The blog builds on the organization’s publication, The Real Dirt on Farming.

I doubt this will change many minds. Farmers don't want to change practices until they either have to or see a potential for profit. The critics are grounded in emotional attitudes and are unlikely to change those attitudes simply on the basis of facts and rational arguments.