Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chicken board celebrates 50th anniversary

The Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board will celebrate its 50th anniversary Thursday at Queen’s Park.

It will be part of the Ontario Farmers Market Local Food Week event being held there.

“Our Farms • Our Families • Our Future is CFO’s 50th Anniversary theme, demonstrating the importance of the system to the past, present and future growth of more than 1,100 farmers, suppliers and processors,” says the chicken board on its website today.

“Through the ongoing and relentless dedication of our family owned and operated farms, CFO continues to meet the domestic demands of Canadians for chicken.”

Meeting demand is a highly subjective point of view. There are no Ontario processors left willing to supply the market for kosher chicken, there is a chronic and persistent shortage of locally-grown chicken across all of Northern Ontario and there are small-scale processors all across the province who continue to plead for more chickens.

And, of course, there are millions of low-income people who can't get chicken at anywhere close to retail prices just across the U.S. border, so "meeting the domestic demands" hardly fits with their idea of fairness.