Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Processing eggs shortage extends to Canada

Avian influenza has wiped out so many large egg farms in Iowa and Minnesota that the market is short of eggs for processing.

That has extended to Canada, reports Ron Friesen in the Manitoba Cooperator.

Tim Lambert, chief executive officer for Egg Farmers of Canada, said the national supply-management agency is working closely with other industry players to locate adequate egg supplies outside the country while ramping up domestic production by placing more layer hens.

Other strategies include extending flock cycles and expanding the national Eggs For Processing program, which enables provincial marketing boards to issue special permits for processed eggs to meet market requirements.

“Our solution is, pay the price for as short a time as possible and gear up our own production as fast as possible,” Lambert said.

The U.S. price for eggs for processing has risen from 65 cents to $2.35 a dozen in the last five weeks.

One of the issues for Canadians is a ban on imports from states that have had avian influenza outbreaks. That also means eggs can’t be trucked through Minnesota. 

This week Michigan reported the discovery of three goslings with avian influenza, but so far no farms have been hit there.