Monday, June 1, 2015

Corn from India must be tested

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced that “effective immediately” it will be holding all imports of organic corn from India until it has been tested for aflotoxind and determined to be safe as livestock feed.

Who knew we were importing corn from India?

“This is to prevent contamination of livestock feed in order to protect Canadian livestock and public health,” says the CFIA.

“This action is being taken as high levels of aflatoxin have been detected in organic feed corn originating from India.

“Importers must sample the imported corn, including organic corn, upon arrival in Canada and provide test results to the CFIA.

“The sampling must be done immediately after arrival at the Canadian destination because mould can grow and produce aflatoxins during shipping.

“Sampling and analysis conducted prior to shipping will not be accepted,” says the CFIA today on its website.

“The importation of corn or other feed ingredients containing levels of aflatoxin in excess of 20 parts per billion and/or deemed to be musty, mouldy or damaged from heat or any other cause that would render the feed unfit or unsafe for feeding, is a contravention of the Feeds Regulations (i.e., sections 19(1)(i) and 19(1)(c) respectively).

“Importers, purchasers, feed manufacturers and livestock producers are encouraged to request further information from their suppliers regarding the source of any corn, and contaminant specifications of any ingredients, they are purchasing.”