Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Canada, Mexico, U.S. sign avian flu pact

Canada, the United States and Mexico have signed an agreement to cooperate to deal with avian influenza.

Government animal health authorities from the three countries, together with the heads of trade associations that represent the poultry and egg industries, signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU) on avian influenza during a ceremony Tuesday in Los Cabos.

The LOU recognizes that the spread of AI by migratory birds is one of greatest challenges facing the global poultry industry, and that the three countries need to harmonize their methods for dealing with AI to keep their poultry production systems safe and sustainable, and to minimize trade disruptions that can result from AI detections in commercial poultry.

The arrangement also creates a tripartite working group composed of government animal health officials and industry representatives from the three countries that will serve as a forum for regular scientific discussions on AI and which will also consider any recommendations involving AI made by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

The LOU establishes clear objectives for enhanced cooperation and lays the groundwork for sharing technical information on AI prevention, control, preparedness, recovery, and the risks of AI posed by migratory birds.