Saturday, January 23, 2016

Listeria source identified

Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. is recalling all of its packaged salads prepared at Springfield, Ohio, because they might be contaminated with listeria bacteria.

There have been seven cases of listeria food poisoning in provinces from Ontario east since September and officials were suspicious that packaged salads were responsible.

One person died, but not entirely because of listeria food poisoning. The others were all hospitalized.

The salads involved in the recall have the letter “A” in the right-hand corner of the package.

Loblaws’ President’s Choice pre-packaged salads are also involved in the recall.

A complete listing is available from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at its website at

In Ohio, officials said they have been searching since July for the source of listeria food poisonings that resulted in one death and 11 people hospitalized.

It’s not clear whether those totals include Canadians.