Monday, January 4, 2016

More money for the north

 Thunder Bay – The Ontario government is giving $350,000 to the Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station so it and the local farming community can develop a research strategy for their area.

Ontario Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal announced the funding “to develop a sustainable, coordinated, long-term plan for agricultural research in the north.”

It's probably just another waste of money, another in a long list of subsidies and programs that have done little or nothing to really help anybody.

The research station has been tossed from pillar to post since the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs launched it in 1991.

Five years later it was put under the University of Guelph, but it gave up in 2002 when it also faced a funding crunch at Kemptville, Ridgetown and Alfred research stations.

Meanwhile, pleas for quota so farmers in the north can start dairy, chicken, egg, turkey and hatching egg businesses have fallen on deaf ears.

The province and the marketing boards love to repeat the mantra that farmers do not own quota, but when it comes to moving some to the North, it seems those who have quota need to be paid handsomely to give it up.