Thursday, March 10, 2016

More money for the beef industry

The federal government announced this week that it’s investing $4 million in the beef industry. 

It’s the third federal government beef-industry grant announcement this month.

The previous ones for market development and traceability.

This one is for three projects.

There’s $2.6 million to develop a system that consumers, packers, retailers and food service companies can use to get product information.

There’s $380,834 to develop information systems that will lead to crop insurance for forages. It will use information about pasture and forage crop conditions, link that to satellite imagery and develop a way to use satellites to gather data for crop insurance.

There’s $1,045,510 to federal government agricultural scientists to develop computer vision systems to asses carcass qualities, such as tenderness, lean yield, bruising, and fat colour.