Thursday, March 10, 2016

Premium Brands is on a roll

Premium Brands Holding Corp. of Vancouver is on a roll, posting a 26 per cent increase in revenues for the fourth quarter and 21 per cent for the year.

Profits increased from $11.4 to $11.6 million.

The company now owns Piller’s Meats and Delicatessens Ltd. of Waterloo in addition to a long list of specialty foods and brands.

The list includes Grimm's, Harvest, McSweeney's, Bread Garden Go, Hygaard, Hempler's, Isernio's, Quality Fast Foods, Direct Plus, Harlan Fairbanks, Creekside Bakehouse, Stuyver's Bakestudio, Centennial Foodservice, B&C Food Distributors, Shahir, Wescadia, Duso's, Maximum Seafood, Ocean Miracle, SK Food Group, OvenPride, Hub City Fisheries, Audrey's, Deli Chef, Piller's, Freybe and Expresco.