Thursday, November 10, 2016

Liberals pare CETA compensation

Former prime minister Stephen Harper offered price and profit guarantees that could have cost billions, but the Liberals now are offeriing $250 million to dairy farmers and $100 million to cheese makers to help them cope with increased cheese imports from Europe when the free trade deal kicks in.
There was no word about anything for the poultry industry when Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay made the announcement Thursday.
The $250-million fund for farmers is spread over five years to help them upgrade their equipment and increase productivity.
The $100 million for cheesemakers is to encourage them to modernize operations and diversify their products.

MacAulay said the funding would help producers deal with the reality of increased competition from European cheese-makers once the trade deal takes effect.

Thank goodness the Liberals scrapped the utterly ridiculous Harper proposals. Who in their right mind guarantees anybody's prices and profits, and especially for a class of coddled millionaires?