Wednesday, November 9, 2016

U.S. meat industry panicking

Meat exporters in the United States are in a bit of a panic following the surprise win by president-elect Donald Trump.

They are now frantically lobbying to get government approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal while President Barack Obama is still in office.

Trump and Hillary Clinton both said they oppose the TPP, either in whole or in part.

That’s going to make exporting more difficult, say the meat packers.

Trump took a definite tilt towards protectionism while he was campaigning, so Canadian meat packers and all other Canadians who export to the United States might find it tougher sledding when Trump and newly-elected Republical senators and congressmen take office in mid-January.

The U.S. meat-packing industry and fruit and vegetable farmers may also face a labour shortage because Trump promised to deport millions of illegal immigrants. Many meat-packing jobs and farm labour jobs are filled by those people.

On the other hand, labour-short Canadian meat packers might be able to convince the Trudeau government to allow some of those facing deportation from the U.S. to come to Canada.

There are bound to be many ramifications for Canadian farmers and agriculture flowing out of the Trump victory.