Tuesday, November 22, 2016

MacAulay to examine import-to-export program

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says he will appoint a team to examine the import-to-export program for supply-managed commodities.

Under the program, processors can escape high duties on imports of dairy and poultry, provided they do some processing in Canada and then export the same volume they imported.

In some cases they have up to several years to complete exports.

The dairy and poultry supply-management sectors are complaining that too often the exports don’t match import volumes, so there is “leakage” of cheap imports into the Canadian market.

MacAulay said the team will also look into complaints that spent fowl imports from the U.S. are often broiler chickens that undermine the Canadian market.

The team will also look into DNA technology developed at Trent University that could distinguish between broiler chicken and spent fowl.

The Chicken Farmers of Canada national agency has been urging the Canada Border Services Agency for more than a year to use the DNA technology.

It has noted that the volume of imports declared as spent fowl has exceeded the total U.S. supply.