Friday, August 11, 2017

Only 1,000 head remain under TB quarantine

Only 1,000 cattle remain under Canadian Food Inspection Agency tuberculosis quarantine in Western Canada.

There are also only 13 premises remaining under quarantine; 92 have now been released.

The quarantines began last September when an Alberta cow sent for slaughter in the United States was identified there as diseased with tuberculosis.

That led to an immediate quarantine on the originating farm which had more than 11,000 cattle on 16 premises. They were all slaughtered.

Six were later confirmed with the disease.

Trace-outs of all animals that had been sold to other farmers and ranchers led to the large number of quarantines in Southern Alberta and South-western Saskatchewan.

Lucky for the cattle industry, the situation did not result in any bans from selling cattle or beef to other countries, especially the U.S.