Friday, February 10, 2017

Soy Canada travels to Asia

Soy Canada is traveling to Indonesia and Japan to drum up sales.

It’s the first time Soy Canada has been to Indonesia, but Japan has been a frequent destination because it is a huge buyer of Canadian edible soybeans.

The delegation will host two seminars and will have an opportunity to meet with importers, processors and feed manufactures.

“Indonesia is a growing market for Canadian commodity and food-grade soybeans,” Soy Canada says in a news release.

During fiscal 2014-15, Canadian exporters have shipped more than 80,000 tonnes worth nearly $55 million to the country. 

“Indonesia has been identified as an up-and-coming market for the soybean industry over the coming years,” said Soy Canada executive director Jim Everson.

Japan takes about 32 percent of Canada’s food-grade soybean exports. In 2015 that was more than 290,000 tonnes worth $260 million.

“This year’s mission to Japan will really focus on showcasing the high quality of Canada’s 2016 soybean crop and introduce new points of contact for Japanese stakeholders with Soy Canada,” said Everson.

“Soy Canada’s delegation will include several members of the soybean value chain including producers, seed companies and exporter representatives.”

Japan buys only non-GMO edible soybean varieties.