Friday, May 5, 2017

Social licence push won't help much

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Farm & Food Care Ontario and others are jumping on the "social licence" bandwagon, basically saying the public needs to be educated so farmers can continue operations much as they have been recently.

I think this is misguided effort.

First, I think the animal activists are a small, but noisy, minority. They can't be convinced, no matter how much "education" you throw at them.

The vast majority of Canadians simply aren't very interested in these issues. They have too many other things on their minds. They don't want to be "educated".

So what to do?

Every time the activists launch a salvo, strike back immediately with facts, including the fact that the activists want to turn everybody into vegans, including you. And that they won't stop there. When they've accomplished that, they're coming for your pets, accusing you of cruel imprisonment.

Tell the public that neither you nor they ought to be bullied by these politically-correct zealots.

And, oh yes, take very good care of your livestock. Your livelihood depends on it.