Monday, July 22, 2019

Lawyers lining up to challenge agriculture

The Public Justice Food Project is adding lawyers to its arsenal to attack and bring down “industrial agriculture”.

Brent Newell, one of the leading United States lawyers on air pollution and climate change impacts from livestock has joined the team.

The Project has also put up a new website,, to equip lawyers who are willing to sue “Big Ag,” and to provide fodder for local communities, farmers and workers and others wanting to support Public Justice.  

The Project opposes “the inevitability of factory-scaled production, benefitting the few and harming the many” and wants to build “a system that respects workers, our planet, rural ways of life, and the health and wellbeing of eaters everywhere.”

Public Justice Food Project lawyers have been leaders in two cases involving independent beef producers suing multinational meatpackers, have led efforts to strike down state laws barring undercover investigations at agricultural facilities, and have fought for clean drinking water for neighbours of poultry processing plants.