Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Burnbrae eggs flunk CFIA standards

A new set of inspection reports released via Access to Information indicates Burnbrae Farms Ltd. was trying to market a lot of cracked eggs as Grade A.

All of the lots examined in random testing had at least some cracks.

Many had so many cracks and even leaking eggs that the inspectors ordered them held off the market.

That happened at least 11 times in 2009 and 2010, the reports indicate.

There are also thorough reports of inspections of the buildings and equipment, instruction manuals and records indicating shortcomings that often persisted throughout the two years.

For example, there were cracked and pitted floors and complaints about ceilings that were not smooth at the company’s facilities at Tomken Road in Mississauga.

The inspectors found mould, dirt, dust and rust and not just once, but time after time.

In one case, the company had eggs graded at its facilities at Lyn rejected on arrival at its plant on Tomken Road in Mississauga.

About 4,500 dozen brown eggs were rejected as substandard and sent back to Burnbrae Farms Ltd. at Lyn.

The Maple Lynn plant at Strathroy, another division of Burnbrae,  did not have any lots so bad that inspectors detained them, but as with all of the other inspection reports, there were always some cracks and other substandard features in packaging destined for stores.

In all cases, the eggs were graded by automatic machinery, so any cracks getting through indicate the managers set the machines to allow some cracks into the market.