Thursday, April 23, 2015

Poultry boards call for tighter biosecurity

The Feather Board Command Centre is calling on all poultry farmers, not just those inside two 10-kilometer quarantine zones, to practice enhanced biosecurity.

The concern arises from two outbreaks of the deadly H5N2 strain of avian influenza, one a turkey farm, the other a broiler breeder hatching eggs farm, both in Oxford County.

The Feather Board Command Centre, which is made up of supply-management marketing boards for eggs, chickens and turkeys and the commission for the chicken hatching egg industry, says “producers are reminded of the following enhanced biosecurity practices:

·  Alert all visitors to the farm that there is enhanced biosecurity and keep a logbook of all movements
·  Minimize visits to other poultry production sites
·  Avoid any co-mingling of birds or contact with outside birds
·  Avoid unnecessary contact with other poultry producers or industry stakeholders especially at group
·  Avoid exchanging equipment with other poultry production sites
·  Ensure all vehicles/farm equipment that access the barn vicinity are properly washed and disinfected
·  Ensure all personnel in contact with birds arrive at the farm with clean footwear and clothing and
when applicable wear boots, protective suits, head coverings and gloves
·  Wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after handling the birds
·  Secure all laneways to restrict all unnecessary traffic
·  Ensure adequate control of wild birds and rodents
·  If there is a pressure washer or a hose available to wash tires and equipment, please make this
available to service vehicles.

Poultry growers should immediately contact the CFIA Diagnostics and Surveillance centre at 519-691-0615 if their birds show any signs of illness. “