Monday, April 13, 2015

DeCosters get three months in jail

Jack DeCoster and his son, Peter, each got three-month prison sentences today for their roles in running a filthy egg-farming and egg-grading business in Iowa.

Theirs was one of the largest egg businesses in the United States and food safety officials repeatedly found disgusting conditions when they checked the facilities.

DeCoster Egg Quality Farm paid a fine of $6.8 million and Jack, 80, and Peter, 51, were each fined $100,000.

Judge Mark Bennett said “there’s a litany of shameful conduct, in my view, that happened on their watch.”

The DeCosters are appealing their sentences, so they remain free pending the outcome of their appeals.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 56,000 people got sick eating DeCoster eggs.

They sold eggs beyond their expiry date and they bribed U.S. inspectors to enable them to sell substandard eggs.

They have apologized to their customers. Jack has said he is more afraid of meeting his Maker.