Monday, April 13, 2015

Quarantine zone doubles

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has doubled the avian influenza quarantine zone from five to 10 kilometers, capturing another 21 poultry farms that can no longer move anything in or out.

The poultry industry asked for the expansion, even though there has been no new outbreak since the original one at a turkey farm near Woodstock.

In return, the Ontario poultry-breeding industry regains access to the United States market. That’s crucial to companies such as Hybrid Turkeys of Kitchener and Shaver Poultry Breeding, which markets egg-laying strains, of Cambridge.

“The U.S. officials have informed their port services personnel to give the port veterinarians in Detroit, Port Huron and Niagara Falls the go-ahead to clear shipments of hatching eggs/day- old chicks/poults effective immediately, April 11, 2015,” says a notice on the website of Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

“However, shipments of hatching eggs/day-old chicks/poults need to be accompanied with the following additional certification statement: ‘The shipment did not originate in, or transit through, an area of Canada currently under restriction for any poultry disease. ‘.”.