Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Witzel, Darling named to protection board

Larry Witzel of Tavistock has been appointed to another three-year term on the Livestock Financial Protection Board.

Dan Darling of Castleton joins the board, also for a three-year term that extends to April, 2018.
The board is in charge of a fund that compensates farmers when buyers are unable to pay for the livestock they have purchased.

The fund accumulates from a tax on sales transactions.

Witzel manages the Ontario Livestock Exchange located at the northern outskirts of Waterloo.

He took over that job from Jim Wideman who is now program manager for the financial protection plan.

It seems like a nice, cozy relationship, given that the Ontario Livestock Exchange has been one of the most frequent beneficiaries of the fund. But, then again, it is also one of the province's largest marketers of livestock.