Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chicken board invites applications

 The Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board is inviting more applicants for its artisanal program under which farmers can market up to 3,000 chickens a year without needing quota.

The program was launched in June and took applications until September 15 and has granted provisional approval to 80 applications.

Now it’s open again. Those who failed to win approval in the first round will have their applications reviewed again and newcomers can now file applications.

This is one of several initiatives the chicken board has taken within the last year to service specialty and niche markets.

The Association of Ontario Chicken Processors, which speaks for the mainstream large-volume processors, has filed an appeal that is scheduled to be heard over three days, beginning March 30 at the OMAFRA tribunal offices in Guelph.

It’s not yet clear how that appeal might impact the various programs aimed at satisfying demand from farmers who hold no quota and entrepreneurs who want to get into the chicken-processing business.