Monday, February 8, 2016

Food questions for U.S. politicians

Foodtank, an internet public interest organization, is posing 10 questions for the politicians seeking nomination to run for United States president.

It says a recent poll by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which is an activist lobby organization, found 94 per cent of Americans “expressed concern about the state of the food system.”

Foodtank also says a poll by the New York Times found that 93 per cent of Americans want labeling for genetically-modified foods and ingredients.

The first question Foodtank poses is whether the candidate is interested to developing a national food policy.

The second is about GMO labeling and the third asks whether they support incentives to increase organic farming to meet demand that is outstripping supply.

The fourth notes that the U.S. farmer population is aging and the fifth notes that wages for farm workers are low.

Other questions are about climate change, sustainability and shifting diets to include more fresh fruits and vegetables.