Wednesday, February 17, 2016

XL class-action lawsuit settled

An Alberta court has approved a $4-million settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed against XL Foods Inc. of Brooks, Alta., after an E. coli outbreak in 2012.

Eighteen people got sick and 1.8 million pounds of beef was recalled.

It was the largest recall in Canadian history, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency shut down the plant, sparred with the owners and would not allow it to reopen until a thorough cleansing of the plant and equipment.

The family-owned plant was sold to JBS USA.

Lawyer Clint Docken said hundreds of people in Canada and the United States could apply for a share of the award by the Aug. 17 deadline.

"Now it is all settled and there is the consumer component and the injury component," he said Wednesday.

"People who threw out the product can apply to get their money back and people who ate the product and got sick can apply for compensation for their injury."

Under the agreement, which refers to possible E. coli contamination, XL Foods does not accept any wrongdoing or liability.