Friday, February 5, 2016

Sap's running

The warm weather prompted sap to run and at least one producer boiled syrup this week.

Most, however, used the opportunity to flush their lines.

Ray Bonenberg, chairman of the communications committee for the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association, said "it is early, sugar content is quite low, but this is typical of first runs.

"One of our members in Strathroy area boiled yesterday (Thursday) but did not finish tapping all his area.

'One of our members near Campbellford boiled Feb. 3 as he is participating in the Farm at Work program and is mentoring four who want to be producers. 

"Most producers appreciate there is a lot of winter yet and trees are frozen, so runs are light. The issue is, if you have your system full of fluid and you get four to five weeks of sub-zero weather…you are in trouble. 

"A lot of things break. The sap will be there if one waits," said Bonnenberg who is also immediate past president of the OMSPA.