Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ferraro gets $11-million provincial grant

Ferraro Canada Inc. will get up to $11 million from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, towards its plans for a $90-million plant expansion in Branford.
The business, owned by a European family, says it will add 80 jobs to increase production for the North American market.
The government says its support will help Ferraro to
§ Build a new cocoa bean processing plant

§ Increase manufacturing capacity for Nutella & Go

§ Implement new processes to manufacture new Tic Tac products
§ Install a new wastewater treatment system
Ferrero is the third-largest chocolate manufacturer in the world. It manufactures four main product lines at its Brantford facility: Nutella, Nutella & Go, Tic Tac and Ferrero Rocher.

Earlier in the day, OMAFRA announced support for the Ontario Hazelnut Organization to, in partnership with Ferraro and the University of Guelph, expand production.
Who thinks the Ferraro expansion would not go ahead if they had not been granted $11 million from the pockets of Ontario taxpayers?