Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Raw milk vendors defy health officials

A couple that sells raw milk from its dairy herd in Washington State is continuing production and sales after a second problem with bacterial contamination.

Cathy Siegner of Food Dive reports that the owners of Pride & Joy Creamery in Granger, Washington declined to voluntarily recall products produced between September 13-28, despite the Washington State Department of Agriculture finding salmonella bacteria in a raw milk sample from Sept. 18.

On Sept. 28, the department issued a public health notice advising people not to consume the dairy’s products.

The owners wrote in their Facebook post that they had contacted distribution points and asked them to pull any milk with an Oct. 4 date for a full credit.

They also said they would be producing their organic, grass-fed milk as usual while continuing to investigate the situation.

Pride and Joy shut down for three months this past spring after issuing a voluntary recall.

The state said two people who reported drinking the dairy’s products had contracted salmonellosis, although no definite link was established.

The state also reported finding E. coli in samples from the dairy, which the owners disputed.

During the shutdown, the owners said remediation measures were implemented at the facility to reduce the chance of contamination.

I guess if you catch raw milk religion, facts and reason don't count.