Wednesday, May 8, 2013

European food declared world’s safest

Tonio Borg, the European Union’s health commissioner, says their food is the safest in the world.

It used to be Canadian ministers of agriculture who made that boast until it became abundantly clear it simply wasn’t true.

And food-safety communications guru Dr. Doug Powell says Borg is also treading on thin ice.

After all, the European inspectors failed to spot horsemeat masquerading as beef until the scandal began to break in Ireland, then spread across the continent.

If they didn’t know their suppliers were spicing beef with horsemeat, what do they not know about their suppliers’ food-safety practices?

Borg could copy Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz who now boasts that Canada’s food inspection system and food safety are “among the best in the world”.

He deceptively never defines how many nations are included in that “among” term.