Friday, December 13, 2013

Cargill beef had E. coli

Documents posted this week indicate that the Food and Drug Administration found E. coli in several samples of beef patties from the company’s facility at Brampton.

The dates cited on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website are July 4 and 30 and Aug. 12.
Cardinal Meats also had E. coli detected in a sample of beef trim on July 22.

Unspecified biological hazards are cited for problems at Trenton Cold Storage on July 5. That applied to “various ready-to-eat meat products and cold cuts.”

Listeria was detected in Olymel’s turkey products at Boucherville, Que., on Aug. 20.

There were no public recall notices issued in relation to any of these cases of contamination with bacteria that would likely cause food poisoning.