Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chicken board stuck with $202,467 bill

The Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board has been stuck with a bill of $202,466.70 to compensate AndrĂ© Lamoureux  for court costs related to a lawsuit Lamoureux filed on behalf of French-language chicken farmers in the Ottawa Valley.

Justice Michel Charbonneau said in his decision handed down this week that it was a complicated and expensive case for Lamoureux to file. There were two dozen French-speaking farmers involved.

The chicken board, in Charbonneau’s words, “threw in the towel” and changed its regulations, effectively allowing the French-speaking farmers to continue marketing their birds to processors in Quebec despite an agreement the Quebec and Ontario marketing boards reached to ban cross-border sales of live chickens.

Charbonneau awarded $170,000.00 inclusive of taxes for fees plus $32,221.02 for disbursements. That came to the total of $202,466.70.

His decision clearly names the Chicken Farmers of Ontario as owing the money, although some media are reporting that the Association of Ontario Chicken Processors will pay.

They might as well since the two were big buddies in instituting the trading ban.