Friday, April 4, 2014

CFIA’s fines truckers $91,000

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency levied 96 fines totaling $91,000 on truckers during October, November and December last year.

The information is posted on the CFIA’s website and indicates Quebec had the most – 43 fines totaling $51,600.

Missing for the first time in years are Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. of Norval and its Nadeau Poultry Ltd. plant in New Brunswick.

The company was recently ordered to spend about $1 million over the next three years to comply with animal welfare regulations and to meet standards.

That was the penalty handed out in court when the company pleaded guilty to 18 charges out of a total of 53. The guilty pleas came after the company was convicted a few months earlier on two counts involving trucking birds during adverse weather.

Among repeat offenders listed in the most recent website posting are Du Breton of Quebec and Maple Leaf Foods Inc. in Ontario.

There were 16 fines totaling $120,000 levied under the Plant Protection Act, nine of them in Atlantic Canada totaling $80,000.

There were two Feeds Act violations in Quebec, but no fines.

There were four animal identification charges, two in Western Canada totaling $6,000 and two in Ontario with no fine.