Monday, April 14, 2014

Long list of hog farmers hit by Quality bankruptcy

A long list of Ontario hog farmers is among creditors in the bankruptcy-court proceedings for Quality Meat Packers Ltd. of Toronto.

They are not being paid for hogs they shipped while the company tries to develop a plan to deal with creditors and resume operations.

It’s the second-largest hog packer in Ontario with many overseas customers for prime Ontario pork.
The Ontario Pork marketing board’s marketing arm is owed $1,032,210 and another $31,094 is listed as owing to OP Producers.

Among the largest hog producer creditors are Floradale Feeds ($475,495), Genex Ontario (Swine Inc., Synergy Services) ($120,557), Larry Freiberger, ($192,9030, Jim Bloxsidge ($601,413 plus $5,569 for transport), Maynard Gingrich ($128,232), Harwil Farms Mobile Feeds Ltd. ($528,885 plus $19,937 for transport), Hawkins Pork Ltd. run by Tom and Brian Graydon ($887,078), Richard Yantzi ($141,257), Herman Terpstra ($410,701), Jason Caughell ($104,365), Molesworth Farm Supply ($198,081), Allan VanRavensway ($186,029), James Reesor ($205,774), Rose Farms Ltd. of Mitchell ($140,265), Synergy Swine FPRI1 ($375,252), Anthony Stam ($124,394), Westland Pork/HogCo run by Nick Regier ($703,364) and Alan VanRavensway $174,307).

Synergy shows up in a number of additional places, such as with William Bennett and Sons as Synergy Services for $17,579, as Synergy Swine for $76,269, as Synergy Services for $58,907, as Synergy Swine FPR2 for $11,601, with Mahogany Farms as Synergy Services for $17,783, with RNR Farms as Synergy Services for $63,736 and the previously-listed Genex Ontario.

Clare Schlegel, former chairman of the Ontario Pork marketing board and former president of the Canadian Pork Council, also shows up a few times – as Schlegelholme Transport for $4,251, as T&E Holdings for $11,042 and as Grey-Bruce Pork Inc. for $57,324.

The Toronto-Dominion Bank is owed $8,082,000 from Quality Packers and $8,622,000 from a sister company, Toronto Abattoirs Ltd.

Quality Packers Holdings Ltd. is a creditor from Quality Packers for $19,300,000 and the same amount is on the creditor list for Toronto Abattoirs Ltd.

A long list of truckers is owed money, including $713,000 to Canada Cartage, $72,692 to N&A Transport Services,$20,411 to Erb Transport and lesser amounts to livestock truckers including Brussels Transport, Hishon C.I. Ltd., Luckhart Transport, MacDonald Transport, Masse Rick Transport, Sauder Transport, Thur Transport and Einwechter off New Dundee.

Toronto Hydro is owed $793,000, the Canada Revenue Agency $103,000, the Ontario Ministry of Finance $23,468 and the Ontario Ministry of Labour $87,500.

Among hog farmers who are owed more than $40,000, but less than $100,000, are Martin Van Raay, Tom Bender, This Little Pig Company, Scott Utter, Erik Schouten, Bert Prinzen, Porkland Farms of Arkona, Piet Peeters, PA Pork of Listowel, Doug Hammerton, Michael Vanderburgt, Hein Kuipers, Clarence Keen, John Van Nes, Jeff Balfour, Bill and Carol Geerts, Eric Van Zantvoort, Fons VanDenBroek, Bill and Melinda Von Syle and Art Bos.

Transx Group of Cos. at Winnipeg is owed $505,000.

Quality’s total obligations for creditors is $40,525,998 and Toronto Abattoirs’ is $28,913,357.