Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jimmie Lee gives up

Jimmie Lee, co-owner of CAMI International Poultry Inc. of Welland, has given up and sold his share of the business to his partner.

Lee has been fighting for survival of the business ever since the Ontario and Quebec chicken marketing boards signed a deal to end cross-border trade in live chickens.

That has starved CAMI of the chickens it needs to keep supplying the large and rapidly-increasing market it developed, mainly among Asians in the Toronto area, for Hong Kong dressed birds – i.e. feet and heads left on.

Lee could not be reached immediately for comment.

What’s not yet clear is whether the challenges Lee filed in court are still active.

One sought an end to the ban on Quebec-Ontario trade in live chickens.

The other sought an end to a federal government policy governing supplementary import permits, an interpretation that effectively keeps CAMI from importing chickens to meet the demand for Hong-Kong-dressed birds.