Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Big supermarket chains to sell beer

The Ontario government has picked all of the biggest supermarket chains for permission to sell beer.

It’s the exact opposite of a request made during the 1970s inquiry into discounts, rebates and allowances the big chains were garnering from suppliers, pressuring them and smaller-scale grocery stores.

At the time, Liberals were in opposition and favoured the proposal to favour small independents over the dominant supermarket chains.

The association representing the smaller grocers and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture both recommended then that only the small grocers and corner stores should be allowed to sell wine and beer as a measure to level the competitive playing field.

The federation's complaints about chain-store pressure on farmers sparked the inquiry headed by Justice James Leech.

The Ontario government released a list of those that could sell beef, but they must still apply to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for authorization for individual stores. Only 60 locations will get the licences.

The retailers are:

Coppa's Fresh Market
Farm Boy 2012 Inc.
Galleria Supermarket
Hanahreuem Mart Inc.
J & B La Mantia Ltd. (La Mantia's Country Market)
Loblaws Inc., which also runs Zehr’s Markets, Fortinos, T&T, Valu Mart and Super Fresh outlets
Longo Brothers Fruit Market Inc.  
Metro Ontario Inc., which also runs Food Basics
Michael-Angelos Market Place Inc.
Pino's Get Fresh
Sobeys Capital Incorporated which also runs Freshco.
Starsky Fine Foods Hamilton Inc.
Wal-Mart Canada Corp.