Thursday, November 19, 2015

Carroll wins PIC award

Debbie Carroll, who recently retired as secretary-treasurer for the Ontario Hatcheries Association, is this year’s winner of the Poultry Industry Council’s Poultry Worker of the Year award.

The award is named in honour of Ed McKinlay.

Carroll has been the key employee at the Ontario HatcheryAssociation since 1985 and has made many contributions to the overall Ontario poultry industry.

Ed Verkley, chairman of the P.I.C.,  noted that "she coordinated events such as the hatchery-industry convention, baseball tournament, curling bonspiel, and golf tournament which brought the entire industry together. She is very deserving of this award."

 Debbie organized educational workshops and provided labour and property tax legislation advice, biosecurity protocols and served as a conduit to share information on issues impacting the sector.

 Bob Guy, general manager of the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission, said  she "provided a high level of professionalism, personal integrity and commitment to the industry over her 30 years, and that is why we nominated Debbie for this award."