Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Slow cooking meat is better

The slow-cooking movement is getting a boost from new research that indicates it’s high-temperature barbequing and pan-frying meat that poses a risk of cancer.

I guess that means I can tell my wife I'm not going to barbecue any more. Good luck with that!

Cooking meat at a lower temperature may reduce the risk of creating chemical compounds that could be carcinogenic,  says a team of researchers at the University of Texas. Their findings are published this month in the latest issue of t he scientific journal Cancer.

Earlier this month the World Health Organization said processed meats are carcinogenic and fresh red meat are probably carcinogenic, particularly when they are barbecued or pan-fried.

The new study, conducted by scientists at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, concluded that cooking techniques such as barbecuing and pan-frying are known to result in the formation of carcinogens that can increase the risk of renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and some people have certain genetic mutations that make them more susceptible to the harmful compounds.