Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chicken production up by four per cent

Canadian chicken production is running four per cent higher than a year ago and imports are down by 16.7 per cent, reports the Chicken Farmers of Canada national marketing agency.

Inventories, which are almost all frozen chicken, increased by 9.5 million kilograms to 43.1. Ontario’s storage stocks increased by 43.4 per cent.

One of the surprises is a surge in production in Quebec in July, up by 5.4 per cent from last year: Ontario’s increase was 3.4 per cent, British Columbia’s 7.3 per cent.

Under a new formula for sharing production increases, Ontario is supposed to be getting more than other provinces.

Producer prices are running almost five cents a kilogram less this year than last in Ontario. 

Under the pricing formula dictated by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, prices are reduced as production volumes increase. 

It also ordered a major adjustment to the feed cost component to reflect improved feed conversion rates.