Monday, September 5, 2016

Meat eaters face more risks

People who eat a lot of meat have a higher risk of a broad range of life-ending conditions, and eating more fruits and vegetables doesn’t help, according to a Swedish study.

Simply eating fruits and vegetables alone does lead to longer life.

The results of a study of nearly 75,000 Swedes showed again that high meat consumption resulted in shorter life, more cardiovasculatar disease and cancer.

Compared with participants in the lowest quintile of total red meat consumption, those in the highest quintile had a 21 percent increased risk of all-cause mortality, a 29 percent increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and no increase in the risk of death from cancer. 

Results were similar across amounts of consumption of fruits and vegetables, and no interaction between red meat and  consumption of fruits and vegetables was found.

The study results were published in the August edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.