Monday, September 19, 2016

Ontario has 49 certified advisors on 4R program

Forty-nine Ontario Certified Crop Advisors have achieved 4R Nutrient Management Specialist designation.

They passed exams written in August.

Their expertise is likely to be in keen demand as Ontario farmers are ramping up their efforts to reduce phosphorous pollution in Lake Erie.

A number of farm organizations, including those who speak for hog and beef producers, are taking a pro-active approach to the challenge, figuring that if farmers don’t act now, they will be forced to comply with legislation the politicians are likely to put in place.

The 4R Nutrient Management program calls for the right amount of nutrients from the right nutrient sources to be applied at the right time and place.

Sixty-five Ontario CCAs wrote the inaugural Ontario 4R NMS exam on August 5.  Ontario and 10 states are the first to offer the specialty exam and designation.

“We are very pleased with the number of CCAs who registered for the August 4R exam,” said Clare Kinlin, chairman of Ontario’s Certified Crop Advisor association.

“Summer is an extremely busy time in our industry and the fact that these CCAs devoted the time to prepare for and write the exam shows their commitment to the specialty,” he said.

"With the growing concern around nutrient stewardship in Ontario, we can expect more CCAs to take a leadership role."

Not all CCAs do nutrient management work, but focus on other aspects of crop advising.