Tuesday, June 20, 2017

JBS owner, Brazil’s president in slanging match

Joesley Batista, one of the brothers who control the company that, in turn, controls JBS SA, is in a slanging match with Brazil’s president, Michel Temer.

Batista has admitted that he and his brother bribed officials to obtain loans from a government lending institution to go on a buying spree of North American meat-packing companies.

It includes XL Foods Ltd. of Alberta when it fell on hard times because of E. coli 0157:H7 food-poisoning bacteria in beef.

Joesley Batista told a Brazilian magazine reporter that Temer asked for money for himself and allied politicians, and that Temer knew about negotiations to pay bribes and buy the silence of former House speaker Eduardo Cunha and his operator Lúcio Funaro when they were already in jail for corruption.

Temer has not only denied all charges against him, but also filed libel and slander lawsuits against Batista.