Tuesday, August 6, 2019

China extracts feed from waste water

A Chinese company has built a second facility capable of turning out tonnes of single-cell animal feeds created by treating waste water.

The facility in Shandong was built by by iCell in China, which now increases their production capacity to several thousand tonnes per year. The company holds more than 50 patents throughout the world for the production and use of single-cell proteins (SCP) in animal and plant nutrition.

“The SCP from iCell contains high levels of protein with excellent amino acid profiles and nucleotide content, making it a more cost-effective supplement for animal feed than fish meal,” the company said.

“We’ve also found that the SCP from iCell improves an animal’s ability to absorb the proteins and improves feed conversion ratios because iCell’s SCP does not contain antigens typically found in plant proteins like soybean meal, making it excellent for animal feed applications,” said Dr Lijuan Wang, a senior nutritionist with iCell.